Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stop being stupid

The guy was wearing a glove on his left hand as he drank his draft beer. He did have a glove for the right hand and he was wearing it earlier but then took it off, so only his drinking hand was gloved.

He wouldn't let go of his beer.

It was mostly regulars at the bar and the guy was butting into any conversation that he could.

He was figdeting with his gloved hand and I found him slightly ridiculous because the beers are not that cold and there is no reason to keep a tight hold of it. I laughed.

My friend asked what I found so funny. The guy would have heard me so I typed a note on my iPod and handed it to her and the guy strained his neck to look over her shoulder at my iPod.

I said, "Dude, it's a private message."

He just shrugged his shoulders.

After the guy left she said that he said that I was an asshole.

"Sometimes, I am an asshole but I wasn't being an asshole to that guy. He should mind his own business."

I slightly regretted that I actually didn't try to be more of an asshole.


I have been getting into arguments with myself regarding my stubbornness.

I was angry about something and an inner voice asked, "Well,  if you were them wouldn't you have done something similar?"

And instead of answering the question truthfully, my reply was, "Fuck you."

And that is when I wondered why I am so stubborn when I am being stupid.

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