Saturday, November 09, 2013

Watch your step


I used my iPod as my alarm clock and so far it has sounded an alarm at those three times above. I have had to work the last two Saturdays and I never deleted the alarms. 

I was awake for all three, although for the first one I had to search for where I had left it.


I found fifty bucks in the street.

It wasn't actually in the street, it was in Sam Adams Park right where the street performers perform. It was among the Fall leaves.

Of course, me being me, I worried whether or not it was real because why would someone drop a fifty dollar bill where the street performers hang out? And how was I the first person to notice it?

I was scheduled to meet some friends at the bar and when I got there I asked the manager to check it out for me. 

She gave me the thumbs up and said "Today is your lucky day."

It was indeed a lucky day that contained great fortune and fifty bucks.

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