Saturday, March 13, 2010

I should probably put socks on

I'm just about to be out of half & half.

My former supervisor is getting crazier. It's to the point were people do not want to tell him useful but unpleasant information, so they tell it to me instead.

I was told that the big bosses were going to 'write him up' for just walking out of the office the day before. He did sign out and noted that he was taking two hours sick but he didn't tell anybody superior to him that he was doing such.

So, on the following day when he stood outside my cube and said, "That's it. I'm leaving. I'm had enough of this place. I'm taking the rest of the day sick." I felt I had to say something.

"Did you tell that guy?" I asked as I pointed to the bosses office.

"Fuck that guy!"

"Fine," I said with a shoulder shrug, "But the only reason I'm asking is because I've heard that him and him had a heated discussion yesterday about writing you up for just leaving the office without telling them."


"Yeah, and I'm not saying that you don't have a right to leave because there is nothing they can really do to you but you have to just tell them first."

He stood up and started walking to the boss's office as he said, "This is bullshit."

"Dick, just wait a minute, you can't just go in there and tell him any of what I just said because it was overheard and told to me from someone else. You aren't supposed to know about it and if you say something then someone else might get in trouble."

"I won't."

He then walked into the boss's office and said that his uncle was dying and that he was overstressed for the day and that he had to leave. His boss then said, "Well, if you have to leave then you have to leave."

He then walked passed my cube and informed me that he wasn't going home directly and then walked out of the office.

I looked at the clock. It was 11:45AM. I then looked at the paperwork in front of my keyboard. I can take lunch whenever I want as long as it's not that last hour of my work day but it was too early for me to leave for lunch and it was kind of important for me to get my paperwork done before I left for lunch. So, I finished my paperwork.

An hour later, I made it down to where he indicated that he would be and didn't see him sitting at the bar and I was just going to walk back out but I figured that I was just going to be there later if not now so I sat between to regulars.

I asked the guy to my left if he had seen Dick and he said that he hadn't but then the bartender walked over to me and said that Dick had told her to tell me that he was okay.

I smiled and thanked her for giving me the message.

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