Sunday, March 28, 2010

More complaints later

"Do you know Photoshop?"

"It depends on what you mean by know."

"Well, we like this one photo except for grandma so we want to take her head from one photo and use it in the one we like."

"That can be tricky."


"Yeah. Getting it right is not a small edit."

It ends up that I couldn't do it in Photoshop to the point that I liked it, but I did do it in CorelPaint. I know the Corel products pretty good.


I was running up and down the stairs because I was using the bypass tray on the printer because if I put cover stock in the drawer, it gets bent more than I like and it also jams the printer more. The trouble with the bypass tray is that it only take thirty sheets at a time. I needed 300 copies, for 1200 postcards.

I certainly had more challenging things to do but there was no one else around to put the paper in the machine.

As I was standing there, I got the request to swap heads on someone's Grandma, merge an Excel file for mailing labels and just about completely redo the organizational chart by adding no less than thirty five branches to the tree.

I flatly told the owner that someone should have managed my time better. I was kept waiting earlier and then I was feeding paper into a machine.

I would have just left the print job but people where waiting on it. Folks had to cut each sheet into fourths, and then label and stamp each quarter.

I've been here twelve hours straight and presently I'm waiting on someone to bring me a signature so that I can scan it and add it to a letter that was supposed to have been done yesterday and that I was supposed to have all the elements to by noon earlier today.

What bothers me is that these folks are pros at this shit. These folks are part of the reason I know as much as I know about getting shit done. These folks are better than this.

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