Sunday, August 08, 2010

"Hope for the best," I was told - I was hoping for something better

I've been away even though I haven't been anywhere different. I'll drop by the old places when I get a moment and everyone asks what I've been up to; "Nothing much. Just busy," is the usual answer that I give.

You would figure that being busy would afford me some stories to tell; but anything that I can think up is usually more boring than usual. I seem to be racing with the rats more.

I can't speak of the political things I do to my associates because those things are contrary to what the boss of the city wishes and whether I like it or not the city and me have the same boss. I often try not to make things difficult on me.


The owner told me that the postcards have brought in some business. I think she said it to encourage me but it just made things worse. It cost me time and effort to help her make money and I will not see any of it. I'm a sucker for staying.

If she were ugly, I would have left a long time ago.

As I was leaving, I nearly ran into her mother, who lives across the street from the office. She asked about whether or not the checks her daughter gave her were any or or not. I said, "The gas is off," as I motioned to across the street, "So I'm guessing, No."

There was so little life left in her mother's eyes; more life gone than having a pig's heart value put into your chest would take.

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