Monday, August 09, 2010

The space before the exclamation point is how it was written

I couldn’t remember making the file and I couldn’t remember saving the file, so I opened it.

There was a phrase written twice.

The power behind you is stronger
than the fear in front of you !

The power behind you is stronger
than the fear in front of you !

I couldn’t remember whose file it was but it was a short list of whose it could be. I thought it was a co-op's but then I looked at the file's properties and found out who authored it. It was my predecessor, and that struck me as odd.

He didn’t seem like the type of guy that would have to give himself a little pep talk.

Maybe he wrote the note for someone else.

I wondered way I saved it. I think it’s a bit silly, which could be why I saved it, and if I were to try to convey that message, I would say: “The power within you is stronger than the power in front of you.” I know that it looses some of its poetry but I think it’s a stronger statement and it puts you more in control of the situation. When I hear about the power behind me I want to look behind me to see what that power is.

Both the power and the fear ultimately lie within, you get to choose which is more powerful.

Fear's probably a more common companion for most.

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