Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tick tock

Things are running slow today. When things are slow or when I'm waiting on others. I'll pop around the internet; usually one by one I'll go down my bookmarks, unless one link gets noticed.

Ray got noticed today. Today is Ray's last blog post.

I left a comment on Ray's last post, or at least I tried to, when I hit publish, I was told that that service was not available or some such error message.

the comment was:

I hear ya. Posting is different when you're not writing for yourself.

Good fortune, Ray.

You, Melissa, King, Tracy, Radio, True, Anti, Angelina have made me have to reevaluate what I thought I believed at one point in time or another.

Or something not dissimiliar.

I miss my need to write. I've never had any great stories to tell but there was a time or two when I had something to say; something I had to get out of my head.

I think retreating inward has caused some change. Actually, retreating is not the correct word; it's not an active thing. It is inactive. I don't venture out.


He was calling my name from the stairs as he ascended. If you call out my name, I'll answer but if you try to continue a conversation with me by shouting, when shouting is unnecessary I will not respond. I will wait until we can speak normally.

He poked his head into my office and in a slight panic told me his problem.

Yeah, I can fix your problem but first you need to settle down and second you need to get me some information.

He needed an ad resized. Someone was trying to reduce the size of one of my ads but the text was getting too small which is what happens when you try to squeeze an 11x17 ad into a 6x8 frame. And he needed it done within minutes.

He stood over me while I did it. I wanted to tell him to go screw but I figured it was driving him crazy watching me adjust things minute amounts while time was ticking away.

I very rarely ever miss the opportunity to be a bastard.

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