Friday, February 04, 2011

Coffee Cup

I never put a coffee cup between me and the phone, there is always this area of beverage free zone in front it, not just for my sake but because sometimes other people have their grubby little hands on my phone.

So, I was asked to do a meeting for a job on Cambridge Street and that was about all the details I had to go on. I’m often thrown into the thick of things with no notice so I agreed to do the meeting, not that I really had any choice. Other folks were running late, so I greeted the people that showed up and walked them to the conference room.

There are two ways I handle not knowing anything, one is that I pretend that I know and usually I will learn enough along the way, two is that I just come clean and say that I only found out about this meeting yesterday and nobody told me anything.

These folks have dealt with my department before so I chose the latter.

“All I know about this job is that is on Cambridge Street,” I said hoping to get more information.

“We’ll actually it is on Market Street,” was the reply I received.

Seriously, I couldn’t have even been given the right street name? I would have rather been told nothing than something incorrect.

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Melissa said...

I spy a view from behind!