Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am not dead in a ditch!

I hear this place is the best for breakfast

We went to the Museum of Fine Arts

Later I was forced to promise not to take any more candid photos regardless of how good this one is

She knows how to take a photo and I know how not to miss a photo opportunity

I was looking at the art like most folks do when they are in an art museum when I turned and saw a young girl setting up to take a photograph; I had been taking photos of the art so I raised my camera that was still in my hand and I was quite pleased that I was going to get a very nice photo but then I realized that my camera was shut off. I slightly panicked that I was going to miss the shot in the time it took to turn the camera on but fortunately she was very particular with how she wanted her photo to be, and it was taking her a rather long time, so that I had time for a second chance.

Sometimes second chances work out great.

Melissa watched the whole thing, she knew exactly what I was doing because she had gotten in the habit of watching my eyes. She was in the habit of watching my eyes not only because my eyes are the most beautiful blue but because you can often tell what I am thinking. She quickly learned to read my eyes.

We spoke about what I would have done if I had missed the shot of the little girl taking the photo.

 "If I had missed the shot the would have said, "Hey little girl can I see that photo you just took?"  and then when she showed me I would have told her that it was a horrible photo and that she should take it again."


Melissa said...

Second chances are the best.

Green Catfish said...

I agree