Monday, February 28, 2011

It was fast

I cannot remember all the things that we did and I know there was a bunch of stuff on the list that we didn’t even get close to being able to do.

It was so very hard to get out of bed and for one whole day we didn’t. House keeping missed two days out of seven.

I know we went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Funusual, and Newbury Comics.

I know we walked through Quincy Market Place.

I know we used public transportation.

I know we went to the same café repeatedly and at least four times.

I know we went to a diner and my two favorite bars. We were at each bar at least twice and both time we were given free drinks.

We walked through Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden, we saw the famous duck sculpture and some not so famous works of arts. We had drinks at the bar that the tv show Cheers was based on, where someone shook my hand which further proved I was a local or at least a familiar.

We visited the Asian market and commented on a bunch of things and one of us bought some girly looking soap (that soap is now in Vegas).

I know we saw someone steal from some street performer on the subway and when the thief ran by us on the stairs I lowered my shoulder into him which made him fall and it was somewhat funny watching him try to right himself on the stairs but couldn’t because he was wearing his pants below his waistline. I had thought about taking the money back but I had promised that I would not take risks such as that.

I know we had a very tasty steak dinner at the Texas Roadhouse where we both got the baked sweet potatoes as a side dish.

We included Melissa in some of my standard photo opportunity locations.

I know premium tequila, like Patron Silver, served on the rocks is one of ‘our’ drinks and it goes nicely after some Absolute martinis. Sidenote: premium tequila is nothing like the shit tequila that you have probably been exposed to.

It seemed like we each had years of knowledge about each other more than what we could read from a blog, the way we walked, or talked, or enjoyed each other’s company, it all seemed like it had been happening for years. It was all comfortable and familiar.


Melissa said...

Staying in bed all day rocks!

Newbury Comics: "I was in line here!!!"

Quincy: Rabbit fur hats are going to be all the rage around Boston when I set the trend. Put money on it.

Public trans: I love the T. One day I'll figure out more than the Red Line.

Both bars are awesome but one has a more awesome factor than the other and it's not just the beautiful bartender's cleavage.


Boston Common is beautiful.

I love my girly soap. I wish we could have made turtle soup, but I don't think I would have had the heart to do it.

I think you are being very modest by not telling the whole story about the thief.

That sweet potato was really, really good. So was the steak.

Patron Silver is the best!! It's definitely our drink. Absolute is better, but I could go with Stoli for the martinis if it meant we got to go to the bar I liked most.

I loved the comfort level and familiarity. It added to the snuggles and helped detract from my lemur scent.

King said...

Aw you guys are so cute. I can almost forgive you for ditching me.

Green Catfish said...

We ditch a lot of folks and a lot of plans and meals and I am sure a bunch of other things.

We were very selfish with our time.

Melissa said...

Yeah I was invited to go to Rhode Island but was forbidden to do so.