Monday, February 28, 2011

Museum of Fine Arts

This guy would just not mind his own business. He was just always about when I wanted to take a candid shot. I hate him still. My revenge is this photo.

I said, 'This guy looks stoned," Melissa said, "You would want to be stoned too if you were missing a foot."

When did artwork of fucking your wife in the ass while she is trying to do house work become taboo?

I was trying to depict size

Then a little boy walked into the frame. Thank you little boy.
And what's funny is that I had wanted to ask the someone that I was with to step into the frame but I knew she wouldn't do it so I had to rely on this stranger kid.

I lined up this shot and snapped it, and then a lady told me that she didn't think that I was supposed to be taking pictures. I smiled and told her to go fuck herself.
You can take photos, just no flash and you can't take photos of the photos.
But then none of the photos were photo worthy.

This is the best photo that I am allowed to show you.


Melissa said...

I remember seeing you line up the one for the girl at the foot of the statue. That's another one of my favorites.

Green Catfish said...

I like it too but I knew her father was somewhere close and I was slightly concerned that he was going to confront me.

"No sir, I am not a creep. I'm an artist. Just look at this photo, and then this other one of a different little girl."

Melissa said...

I would have vouched for your non-creepiness.