Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Depot

So, I needed a new cordless drill. 

Well, I actually didn't need a new drill, I needed new batteries and the thing of it is the batteries cost 80% of the cost of a new drill so it really doesn't make sense to buy two batteries when for a few bucks more you can get two batteries, a case, a charger and a brand new drill.

So I went to Home Depot and settled on a drill I really didn't want but it had all the features and was about $90 less than the one I wanted but it was still about $200. The box looked a little beat up but I had trouble pulling it from the shelf so I figure some other guy must have had the same trouble only he tore the box a little. Normally, I would crack open the box to make certain everything is there, if the box looks like it could have been opened but this box was contained in one of those anti-theft harness type things so I figured it was safe.

I got it home and found out one of the batteries was missing and I got steamed, first of all I had just wasted a trip to Home Depot, second now I had to return the drill, third I had to get another drill, fourth I had to deal with rush hour traffic, fifth there was going to be no one that I could actually be mad at, I could be mad at Home Depot and I was just about livid but there was no one person that I was going to be able to hold accountable.

It wasn't too much of a hassle getting back to Home Depot and I went right to returns and when the lady asked how I was doing I had told her that I had been better and then told her the situation. 

I had chosen to go to Home Depot first, even though there is now a Lowe's practically across the street from the Home Depot that I go to because Home Depot was there first and I'm kind of loyal and even though I like Lowe's better I was still at Home Depot. I was trying to show Home Depot some love and I felt that they shit right on that love. It was an expensive item that I was buying, there should have been no hassles.

The returns lady said that I could try to find another of the same make and model or get my money back. I told her that I didn't think there were any left, that I got the last one but that I would check anyway, and as I thought, there were no others but I did notice that a battery for that drill costs $99 which sort of explained why one was missing. And every time a Home Depot associate asked me if I needed any help, I just wanted to tell then to fuck off but I didn't.

She credited my credit card and said that she was sorry that it didn't work out. I told her that I was sorry too. 

I still needed a drill but I certainly wasn't going to buy it there. I was still steamed and I still had no one to be angry at, I tried to calm myself and said that being angry at Home Depot was really doing me no good but FUCK Home Depot.

I drove across the street to Lowe's. I like Lowe's better, fuck loyalty. Lowe's is better than Home Depot, always. Lowe's doesn't have a 77% of there inventory miss labeled or just shoved any where on a shelf. Things are neat and if you reach into a box that says half inch 90 elbows chances are that is what you are going to pull out.

I got a couple 'can I help you's' and I wanted to tell them to fuck off too. If I need help I will at the very least look in your direction and if that doesn't work, I am not afraid to ask but I know where shit is and I usually know what I want so just keep sweeping the damn floor and leave me the fuck alone.

I was looking at the cordless hammer drills and had a larger choice and better names and they were a heck of a lot cheaper. I was reading the boxes two or three times because I thought I was missing something but the drills had the same features, had the same 18volt battery, had two batteries, a case and a charger for sixty buck less. And if  I do need another battery it is only $60, if I have to buy two then I might as well spend twenty dollars more and get another brand new drill set but still $60 is better than $99.

FUCK Home Depot.

I was still pissed at Home Depot when I got home. I still am a little pissed off at them but they did save me a boat load of money because they suck and they will never be my first choice again so I can't be too too mad at them.

So Home Depot sucks. I have a nice new 18v Cordless Hammer Drill and Home Depot sucks.

So in closing I would like to say that Home Depot sucks.


Melissa said...

In the few times that I have had to go to a hardware store for something I have never found anything I was looking for at HD. I always go to Lowes. I love just strolling through Lowes and looking around. I usually get stuck in the lighting/ceiling fan area and get this glazed over look on my face and start to drool.

King said...

I can't believe that anyone at either place actually asked you if you needed help. Its usually a hassle to get any help. Or when you do get help its from someone who knows less than you do about the shit you want.
Fortunately I am (mostly) self-sufficient.

King said...

Btw, trimmed pubes?

Melissa said...


Someone was paying attention!

Timothy said...

For the past couple of months the personal at Home Depot have been annoying with their 'can I help you's' and they will ask it in passing usually like they really don't give a shit but they were told to ask. I hate them for it.

I walk in like a have a purpose and I know where I am going and I make it a point not to look at them because I don't want to be engage but they ask anyway. I know some big wig has told all the associates to ask that question so they are just doing their job but I wish they would leave me alone.

Melissa was involved somewhat in the trimming of my pubes and "Bwahahahaha!!!" wasn't quite my reaction, mine was "oh shit."

I'll just say that I think Melissa is a bigger fan of my pubes than I am.