Monday, April 04, 2011

The subject in the email simply said: Hole.

Missing stitches towards the end.

I was about at the bottom step to the train platform when I felt something traveling down my right leg. I was confused as to what it could have been until I gave my leg a shake and out flew my pen.

Me finding the hole big enough for a pen to fall out of

I almost always carry a pen and almost always that pen is carried in my back pocket where it can be reached by my right hand. I also carry my thumb drive in the same pocket. I felt in my back pocket for the hole and couldn't find it but I moved both items to my front pocket anyway. Later in work I gave the back pocket another try with the pen and awhile later, I kicked the pen from my pant leg again. I felt for the hole again and again could not find it. I sent myself an email that there was a hole in my pocket because other wise, I would toss my pants into the dirty pile, wash them the next time that I washed the dark colors and forget that there was a hole. With the email, at least there was a chance of me being reminded and actually doing something about it.

Threaded No 7 

I sew with a number seven needle. It was the way I was taught in the fourth grade.

Tiny stitches, mostly all in time

I don't mind the extra thread so much before and after the stitches. I fell that in time they will fray making the knots and closing stitches that much more secure. And nobody can see them so I don't care.

I started my stitches well back from where the stitches were missing and then stitched to the end. My stitches are actually smaller than the machine stitching because I kick ass at sewing.

After this mending, I mended a hole in the crotch of a brand new pair of pants and then changed to black thread and mended another hole in another crotch of another brand new pair of pants. There must have been a design flaw or just poor ass stitching because the pants were the same brand and make, just different colors, both were just worn one before I noticed the holes.

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Melissa said...

Your superior sewing skills have been duly noted and I am just the right amount of jealous.