Saturday, April 02, 2011

So, Fish Sauce

So, fish sauce is, according to the label, anchovies, water, salt, sugar.

Fish sauce is about a fifth in volume of the ingredients in Chile Dipping Sauce. Some of the other ingredients are: lime juice, garlic, finely shredded carrots, sugar (that I replaced with honey) and jalapenos.

I am not familiar with fish sauce or at least I wasn't and I was asked what it is and how it tastes and whatnot. I told the inquirer that I would let her know.

Tim's take on fish sauce:

Salty and smells like a cross between old feet and dead mouse but other than that it's pretty tasty.


Melissa said...

Ugh....I like trying new things and I like anchovies, but this sort of turns my stomach.

King said...

Fish sauce needs to be used with the right types of foods. Its really good with stuffed cabbage and tomato sauce. Or with chicken in tomato sauce.

What I'm saying is I like it best when its used with tomato based dishes.

By itself its nasty.

There are also various brands, so you have to be careful which one you use.

Melissa, you would like how the Queen cooks with it.

Melissa said...

King, I probably would. I would try it in a dish she or Timmy made but I don't think I'd be brave enough to cook with it myself and I'd never try it by itself.