Friday, April 08, 2011

It's big (63 photos from last to first)


King said...

Now thats a lot of pictures. The glasswork is featured in the Globe today.

I saw the it here first.

As we plan our MFA party for 2012 we're hearing a lot of negative food reviews for the place. Art is great, the food service not so much. Hopefully the get it together over the next year.

Melissa said...

I'm really starting to wonder if I ever even want to try the food there.

I'll be glad when I have time to sit down and go through all of these.

I'll be even more glad when I can see all of it in person.

I'm so glad you went again and had fun!

Timothy said...

There are definitely more bad reviews than good reviews for the food. I think most of the appeal is being able to eat in an exclusive restaurant. Most of the clientele in Bravo seem to be older than some of the artwork so their taste buds are shot.

This blog is cutting edge.

The Chihuly Exisbit is impressive.