Thursday, July 14, 2011

How about a post?

This lady's T-shirt indicates that she is the world's greatest dad; at first I had my doubts but those doubts were based purely her being a woman. She might be the world's greatest dad. Who am I to judge?

This guy was sitting there with his eyes closed even before he was half way through his first glass of beer from that pitcher. He didn't seem drunk, he just seemed odd. I would never order a whole pitcher of beer for myself, mostly because the beer gets warm and little because it looks like you have a drinking problem.

Homemade: mashed potatoes, chicken, gravy.
I do revel in that my youngest niece, who's four years old, has stated that I make better mashed potatoes then her mother does while her mother is standing right next to her.

One of the chickens cooked on the Weber charcoal grill. It was cooked: beer-can style on something I purchased from Williams-Sonoma on sale a couple years ago. No actual beer cans were used and the beer used came from a bottle because in my house I do not drink beer from cans.

I also have some video of two guys on the subway taking about the politics of street performers, particularly between one balloon "artist" (someone who ties balloons into unwanted shapes) and another balloon "artist" but you will have to wait for that because it's being uploaded to my youtube account. 

I guess flowers are a big seller in the balloon tying game and one guy was upset with another guy for making flowers too close to where he was making balloon flowers, and the second guy was like: "Then step up your game," and you know what? I don't disagree.

If a certain amount of money can be made by simply twisting a balloon into the rather simple shape of a flower, then I might stand right next to you and twist balloons into those same simple shapes and if you don't like it, then do something that not just anyone can do, twist harder, or faster, or bigger - Step up your game!

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Melissa said...

In some states it's illegal to sell an individual a whole pitcher of beer. That guy looks wasted. Was Amanda serving?

Your nieces are precious and that bird looks GOOD!

I would like to see that video.

I didn't realize balloon sellers got territorial.

I kind of want a balloon flower now.