Friday, July 15, 2011

Step Your Game Up

They are talking about the business of tying balloons


Melissa said...

That was interesting! How did you get that footage so covertly?

I know where to get off the T to get to your house.

Timothy said...

I know you know where to get off for my house but what does that have to do with the video?

Because I usually never use the Red Line or get of at that station that I ended the video at.

I did think about having that station stop information in the video but I don't think I have any stalkers that do not live in Nevada.

Melissa said...

Oh...yeah....uh...Attention Potential Timmy Stalkers:

My comment that I know where to get off the Red Line to get to Timmy's house just by watching the video is in no way indicative that such information could be garnered from this video!!

/end disclaimer

Do you think they bought it?