Friday, July 01, 2011


It’s all paperwork to me. The names and places really don’t have a bearing.

It’s all paperwork until I have to race over to the professional baseball field to change the No Parking signs that my memo had set into motion to have put up.

The signs needed to be changed because there was a conflict between someone making a major motion picture and a motorcade for a member of royalty.

I complained about it in an email to someone that holds my heart.

She replied: “You get drama between princes and movie people!! I get laundry and groceries.”

Still, my life is all just mostly paperwork.

When things go wrong, I extend the same effort to fix the problem whether it’s a crown prince or a single mother trying to run a block party. Titles do not impress me.

I’m not really changing the world.

I’m mostly just changing when you can park.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I think with all the traffic issues and congestion that Boston has that changing when people can park just might be changing the world.

Especially if it's a prince that can't park his horse somewhere.