Monday, July 06, 2009

I said; He's neither fat enough nor old enough to be called Big Daddy

I'll google names once in a while; mostly my own; mostly to see if I have 'made the papers'.

But I'll google the owner's name too. I was informed that I could tract her bankruptcy proceeding for $57, this past Sunday.

I declined.

I was walking down Newbury Street trying to figure out why two trolleys needed three hundred feet of parking space when someone turned around and called my name. She lied and said that I had looked the same as when she had last seen me and she calculated that she had last seen me over thirteen years ago because that's how old her son was.

There is a joke there somewhere.

I take a little bit of solace that the screw-ups are totally of my own doing. I haven't been getting the information that I need and when I ask, I'm told that it's on it's way.

It must be a long way.

He dropped off the paperwork the Friday before the week of July 4th. I started the process of faxing it somewhere and waited. He started dropping by the office, looking for his permit and leaving me notes when he hasn't found it.

When he got me on the phone today, I assured him that it was on my list of things to do and that I was aware that it is an urgent issue for him but currently there were other issues that were more urgent to me or more accurately, my boss.

"I'll get to it."

"Okay, my friend. The sooner the better because they need it to help get their visas."

He wears Panama hats and his shirts button at his navel and his name is Armando.

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