Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh. Is this thing still one?

I haven't been around like I used to have been but I still show up. You know, to put my time in; I have a lot of time invested.

The bar is the lynch pin to some of my friendships.

I could give up alcohol.

I was in my usual place for a change, by the taps, and the other regulars were in their places, not by the taps and friends from work showed up. It was similar to times gone by.

My friend ordered a beer and one of the bartenders asked if he had a tab opened and he just pointed at me and when she looked at me, I rolled my eyes and said, "Yeah, he's with me."

When we settled up downstairs, the bill I was handed was for $28.00. We left $60 which was closer to what we drank.

When we got upstairs, I was greeted with cheers from the two bartenders. I don't go upstairs too often; because it's more of a club scene.

The one on the left is a friend who is in Boston visiting for a few days and that's her friend on the right. The one on the right is a new mom. I remember seeing her when she was the huge with child and early in the night she proved the rumors true of her six pack abs. She had some funky dance moves.

I wanted to touch her abs.

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