Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Boil water advisory

Boil water advisory.

Saturday, I called on my way to the supermarket to see if there was anything that was needed in the house. I was told bread, which I knew about and then I was also told that a water main broke so that I should get some bottled water too. I was told that we could boil our water drinking but sometimes that’s a hassle.

It was about 7:30PM and by the time I got to the supermarket. All the water was gone. All the water was gone from three supermarkets and a BJ’s, so I drove home.

For the last half of forever, I’ve been filtering my drinking water; it’s not because I’m scared of contaminants, it’s that I’m not a fan of off flavors.

Drinking unfiltered boiled water was rather flavorful and not in a pleasant way. So, I have a five gallon cooler jug of boiled water that I filter through a Brita Filter for drinking. It’s not bad, there is still a slight taste to it but it’s nothing to complain about.

The worst part of having to boil your drinking water is the amount of time it takes for all that water to cool back down, so in the morning I make certain to fill the five gallon jug to the top from water I boiled the night before and refilled the pots and boiled some more so that it will be cooled down by the time I get out of work.

You have to plan ahead, a step or two.

Reading the news and talking to people out and about makes me worried for society. It’s seems people refuse to take the time to listen and just don’t take a moment to try to understand.

In Kmart, where I was buying ice cube trays, the cashier was asking me about the problems with the water supply. I told her what I gathered from the news and the internet. She was worried about the water that was being bottled at the moment. I told her not to worry about that water, the problem was only regional and most of the bottled water comes from a different region.

She asked about water for pets. I said that water for the pets should be boiled. She asked about water for the garden. I said that you didn’t need to boil the water for garden plants unless you were going to eat them. She said. “That seems rude.” I thought she was from India and I wondered if that had an affect on her views.

Coffee on Monday morning was hard to find. I had thought of making it at home but I figured that someone downtown would have figured something out. Someone did figure something out but I only found them after my third stop.

I then read the paper online and it turns out that some coffee shop owners were under the impression that the normal process of making coffee was enough to make the water safe to drink.

I wonder if boiling water for just a minute which is what is being recommend is enough and then you have these chuckle heads who think just getting the water hot is good enough. These people are in the food preparation industry and you think that there would be some sort of knowledge that they should have.

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