Saturday, May 01, 2010

Then I imported Lady Gaga to iTunes

I rolled out of bed fully clothed. It was 5:47AM. I forget the reason I left my bed but since I was up, I picked up my iPod Touch and checked my email. The only new messages were showing up in my normal email account as opposed to any email aliases I may or may not have.

I touched the screen to see the messages. I thought they would all be junk but then I saw one sender's name that doesn't send me junk and then I remembered a phone call from yesterday.

I was supposed to have been called if they needed a photo worked on but instead they just emailed me. By the time the email had been sent, I had a few hours invested at the bar. I thought to myself, "They should have called."

I opened the photo and one guy was washed out and the other guy was in the shadows. The guy on the left must have been standing directly under a recessed spot light; and the other guy was standing at the mouth of some dark abyss, or so it seemed.

The photo sucked.

There wasn't much I could do. I made it better but better horse shit is still shit.

Then I imported Lady Gaga to iTunes.

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