Saturday, May 29, 2010

I mostly drink alone

It's a controlled situation. I usually just talk to the bartenders and waitresses because most of the other people there just bother me. I go there to put things on hold. When you tell someone you're at the bar when they call you on your cell phone to ask you a favor, they usually say that they will call you back later.

I don't go to the bar to talk to the other patrons but when you are known as a regular, sometimes people just can't help themselves.

One guy that can't help himself is Bobby. Bobby is actually there more than I am but when we're there together, he always defers to me. I say, "Bobby, this is your bar too. You're a regular. You rate."

Bobby is a couple years younger than I am but he looks a few years older. He's a doorman, makes decent money and has a good soul but he's sometimes unsure of himself.

When I got there it was crowded but I got to sit in my usual seat and Bobby was sitting in the farthest seat from me, by the Jager machine. I waved to him when I caught his eye. Bobby is the only one that I make an effort to acknowledge because sometime his get a little bruise if he thinks you no longer like him.

There is a table for two behind where Bobby was sitting and two women about Bobby's age where sitting there, he would pass beers to them and make small talk and then he got into a conversation with them.

I was happy for Bobby. He made a move and he was doing well, there were smiles and laughs. Bobby possesses a simple charm.

Then some other regular name Bob walked in. I never liked Bob but I would respond whenever he would speak to me. Bob usually comes in to see Roy, who was sitting at a table behind me but Bob walked right over to Bobby and started chatting up the two women.

I watched.

Bobby wasn't doing to badly but he doesn't have the superficial social skills as Bob. Bob is an energetic bullshitter.

For a moment I thought Bobby just gave up, he sat back down on his stool at the bar and just sipped his beer. I had wanted to tell him not to give up, when he ordered a beer and then stood up as he passed it to the table and he remained standing as he rejoined the conversation.

After awhile, it seemed Bobby was losing steam so I sent a round of beers over for everyone but Bob. Eventually, Bobby did give up and came and sat by me.

"That guy's a piece of shit," I said.


"Bob, or whatever his name is," I said as I pointed with my chin. "You were over there having a conversation with those ladies and he just walks in and cock blocks you."

"You saw that?"

"Yeah, I saw it. He comes here to talk to Roy and Roy was sitting behind me and he didn't even talk to Roy, he just went over and got into your conversation. I hate him. I never liked him but know I hate him."

"Yeah, I'll talk to him later about it. I've never seen you like this."

"I bothers me. This is your bar, he shouldn't be doing that to you."

I went on for awhile, and then had the bartender send over two more beers to that table and to tell them that they were from Bobby.

Bob shouted over, "Hey, Bobby! What about me?" Bobby, nervously laughed and just shrugged his shoulders, I leaned over and said, "Fuck that guy." Then I left.

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