Sunday, May 30, 2010


Avoidance. That's probably my most commonly used superpower. Sometimes, it's a good thing, like avoiding a tackle while playing football but sometimes it is not such a good thing as avoiding doing the dishes.

I was going to say avoiding work instead of dishes but the work I avoid is the menial things not the pressing things, I'm best under pressure and if the pressure isn't there, then I will create it.


I have a USB seven port hub that I plug my 8GB flashdrive into and twice today the connection to the flashdrive dropped off. I would click on the icon for the drive and I would get a message that the drive was empty which is slightly scary. And by slightly, I mean very.

I back up the drive occasionally, but there would have been two rather involved projects that I would have had to recreate.

It took ten minutes to copy the contents to my 1TB external drive.


I'm posting this to avoid work.


I'm still working on a very good cup of homemade coffee. It's a project that I've been working on for quite some time. A lot of money and effort has been spent. I grind my own beans in my burr grinder, I use twice filtered water which I measure in a measuring cup, I weigh the coffee, and I'm currently trying my efforts with a French press, adjusting the amount of coffee and the coarseness of the grind up and down.

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