Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Large and the Women Like It.

It was the whole Mohammad & Mountain thing and I was in charge of the mountain.

Everyone that saw it, remarked on how impressive it was but it's something I see everyday so I'm a bit jaded to it.

My laptop was set-up on her kitchen table and my 24" monitor was to the right of that, much like it sits on my desk at home. I would hear "Nice Set-up," and I would think, "Not Really," but I would say something in agreement or thank them.

It's a three year old laptop running on a non-Intel processor with the cheapest-largest monitor I could get at the time. I'm not impressed.

Four pages of a tabloid is what we were creating. I like having all the pieces and then place them in general locations and go from there. I like doing that because sometimes you have this one element that stands out and should be focused on, or this one thing that everything else needs to work around and if you don't have those special elements from the get go, you have to redesign all of your work.

We didn't have all the elements even though there had been time to get them and I was being asked to get going on it even though that wasn't the original deal but time was running out so I got going.

My status is kind of volunteer; I'm a quest; I'm doing them a favor, so when it comes to who gets accommodated, it's me. I'll work with you, I'll set-up my computer on someone's kitchen table so we all can see what's going on but if I need something, it's going to come in the way I want it. I don't want to have to make something work because someone halfassed it. I want the thing good when it hits my hand.

My status is 'kind of a volunteer' because, I'm working for free but I didn't volunteer, I was volunteered by a friend of a friend which gives me an 'F-You' card in my pocket.

We were working on it in earnest, for three days straight. Seven hours on Sunday, five hours on Monday and then eight on Tuesday - twenty hours total and probably half of that was waiting for things that should have been in hand.

She was holding a smaller version on the four page tabloid in her hand. It was a smaller version because the largest we can print in the office is 11x17. She said,"I like it. It's a good piece." I just stood silent, it was a good piece but it wasn't worth twenty hours of my life, it wasn't worth the parking ticket I got because I had to stay later than what was planned, it wasn't worth the aggravation of having to make all sorts of phone calls to get things that should have been at the ready, it wasn't worth asking to leave early from work and using 'vacation' time to do it.

"Don't you like it?," she continued. It was raining outside. I knew that rain was forecast for the day but I didn't wear a jacket or bring an umbrella because I was supposed to have been at home before the rain came. I thought about waiting in the rain for the bus to get to the subway because for the sake of time, I didn't go home and get my truck but took the bus in from work. I thought about hustling to make a deadline that nobody else gave a shit about. I said, "I'll like it in the future. Right now I'm a bit irritated at this whole process."

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