Friday, September 10, 2010

I don't go to many ball games

She had said one of the things that she wanted to do after flying in from Vegas was to see a Red Sox game.

I don't go to many baseball games but she was getting the tickets and all I had to do was to show up; so I did.

The $12.50 seats weren't good or at least I don't think they were, we never actually saw them. When started off in standing room only almost directly behind home plate and then we moved down to some vacant seats. It turns out some folks don't like watching a team most likely out of the playoff picture and ten runs down.

They were good seats, at least $75 a piece and the some guy two rows down was being a douche bag to the elderly lady taking photos for the ball park; and we made mention of it frequently, to the point where the lady in front of us turn around to said "Enough already."

I usually don't go around calling people douche bags and I think the lady had I point, so I apologized but my friends really didn't agree with her concerns and after we drove her away, I was asked why I apologized.

"I think she had a valid point. She's at the game, the home town team isn't doing well and she's got a bunch of yahoo's saying douche bag every four seconds. I think that can bother some people."

"This is a ball game! There aren't any kids around. This isn't the 'no cursing section' you have to expect to hear that kind of language."

"I'm just saying that I see her point. I think it's valid."

"She's not your mother. She's not my mother. She's not his mother or his mother."

There was a good chance she was somebody's mother.


I know the power of language but I also know that most of the power comes from within the recipient. I've desensitized myself to a lot of language. You can call me a douche bag, a mother fucker, or any other assortment of hardcore obscenities and most likely, I will not care but I can see where some folks may not want to experience that.

I've said, "If it's not true: who cares? Why should it bother me? They're lies. I don't know that guy and he doesn't know me and if it is true, then why would I be upset? It's true, and either I'm okay with the truth or if the truth bothers me them I should change."

You shouldn't be bothered by the truth.

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