Sunday, September 12, 2010

I sometimes sort my emails into folders

I named the folder 'Bane'

I'm not a fan of politics but some of my friends are and because I'm a good friend, I get involved in politics.

I think that you should have your friend's back; that's one of my most self hated virtues.

I noticed a competitor's mailer on her desk so I picked it up. I think it's important to see what the competition is doing and also I like to see what other designers are doing with political pieces. I'm not ashamed of stealing ideas.

It was a glossy piece, full bleed, 11 inches tall by seventeen inches wide, folded in half. Inside was a layout I did a couple of months prior for the campaign we were working on. I said, "Looks familiar."

Someone laughed.

The premise and the layout were the same; it's one thing to steal one or the other but to steal both in one piece is too much, classless and unimaginative.

I was slightly flattered, though, before I was disappointed that there was nothing for me to steal.

(I learned the word bane from a Tony Curtis movie*)

*that's sort of true.

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