Monday, October 24, 2011


On the trip to the park I took my digital SLR, my little canon point and shoot, my little HD video camera and my iPod touch which does photos and video and I think that I used them all, mostly just because I couldn't decide on what I wanted to do. There were a couple times when I wasn't using any of it. I will usually take them out of the house to try to keep the peace. I take them out so my mom will stop pestering them. They all had buckets. The park is at the beach. There was three buckets. They used the buckets to collect shells. They used the buckets to collect sand. They used the buckets to collect sea life (periwinkles). They used the buckets to collect water. They used the buckets to make wet sand. They used the buckets to make sand castles. I mostly let them do what they wanted, I let them get close to the water. I let them play in the sand. During the process, the youngest decided that she didn't need the water that was in her bucket so she went to the water's edge, leaned a bit forward and tried to toss the water back into the ocean but she ended up just dumping it on her sneaker. She was trying to be careful. She wasn't goofing around. She had a plan on keeping her sneakers dry but it just didn't work out. She caught me watching her, she would normally be yelled at, I just shrugged my shoulders. She was not stupid and she was not being careless, she just needs more practice with emptying buckets.


Melissa said...

I'm glad you were there to be nice and calm about a wet shoe. There are so many bigger worries in life than a wet show or a strange colored snowman.

Timothy said...

I try not to be too reactive