Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have had pretty good luck with blogger. It hasn't eaten too many of my posts but earlier today it killed two. Well actually, it was just one post but I tried to post it twice, each version was a little different. A third version was typed out somewhere else and an attempt was made to post that but the same error message came up.

I would be more upset if I actually had anything to say.

I was a little surprised today to find out that it was Thursday but then that is the day that usually follows Wednesday so I don't know why I was surprised.

We have people coming over for Halloween. The people include my nieces, their parents, and some friends. There will be about fourteen, I think.

We have a large front yard and often one of us will sit on the stone wall at the sidewalk with a bowl of candy so people will not have to make the trek up the lawn or the driveway. It usually gets cold.

I don't know why I am relaying this information other than sometimes I just feel the need to type or maybe write.

I just looked over to my left and noticed a young mother starting to make movements like she was going to breastfeed her infant and more and more her movements seemed to make no doubt about it, the pulling of the shirt, the repositioning of the baby, moving the zipper down. I casually watched wondering how much of herself she was going to expose, wondering if I would be able to get a glance at a nipple. But then I realized that I was acting like a creep even though I wasn't watching for titillation purposes or trying to get aroused, I was just curious about how much care and skill or worry that she would use in the process of breastfeeding her child.

At least I was being discrete, unlike the old guy staring right at her.

She was being careful in not overly exposing herself but she wasn't delaying in feeding her baby. I didn't see any other skin than could be seen with something low cut but then I did not have a very good angle.

That is until she switched the baby to her other side and she slide her left breast out of her grey sweat jacket. She is not very bashful about it and nor should she be.

It is a nice tit, I can tell you that much even though some peach fuzz covered head is blocking most of my view.

How's that? A play by play of some crude guy watching a mother breastfeeding her child and while I was writing this some young guy tried to bum a dollar off of me. He did not look homeless so I was allowed to talk to him but I am not allowed to give money to beggars.

The baby is done feeding now so I can look in that direction once again.

He looked like he got lost from a senior class field trip. He looked well kept but he spoke too softly. I had to ask him to repeat himself and then I said "No."

Now she back to the right breast. I think she is just fucking around with me. If she wants me to look I will look, I have no problem with looking but in polite society looking is rude.

It looks like she is done again.

Her three year old son is named Simon. I don't know what the baby's name is. She answers to Mommy but that is probably only to a select few.


Melissa said...

Good for you for saying no!! Next step: don't even acknowledge at all. No matter what.

I'm glad she felt comfortable breastfeeding in public. I don't know why some people are weird about that. I'm glad you got to see a nice nipple!

Timothy said...

I think sometimes people really need help and what if he was just asking we're the men's room was? I know we differ on this point.

If I could have made a video of it, I would have but society frowns on that sort of thing and the police don't like it much either.