Wednesday, October 12, 2011



The three of us were sitting there talking about current events with some other regulars came in. The three of us all came over from a different bar quite some time ago; we followed a bartender. We have known each other for years.

The other regulars know my friends better than they know me and they are accepted as favored regulars. I am not there yet because I haven't put in the time but I am afforded the same curtesy as a favored regular.

I follow the hierarchy some what, there is one guy we all defer to but after that it is pretty much the choosing of the bartender on where you stand.

The guy we defer to is sometimes followed in by friends. I do not defer to his friends but some of them think I should.

One of the guy's friends was there last night, he stood at the end of our group and at first he was just joining the conversation which is fine but then he started interrupting the conversation. At first I thought it may have been on accident because the music was a little loud and the place a little busy but it seemed to happen with greater frequency than it would have if it were on accident. He would interrupt the guy right to his left, the guy closest to him, as he was in the middle of a sentence with something totally different than what was being talked about.

One of my friends said that it may have been a cultural thing because the guy is from Serbia but I think the guy is a pompous ass.

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