Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am three years younger than four times the age of the Scotch I was drinking

The day had a weird feel to it.

Lunch was a bit of an escape.

I got the steak tip sandwich and after a couple minutes the bartender asked me a question.

"Timmy, are you happy?"

It was an odd question so I laughed a little laugh and then asked my own question.

"Do you mean happy in general? Or in life? Or with this lunch?"

"With the lunch, I guess."

"I like it. It is good."

"What about in general?"

"I could be happier."

"Would more ginger ale make you happy? Because that is about all I can help with?"

"It would be a start."

I then left earlier than usual because I had wanted a coffee. I had told her that I might be back even though I didn't think that I would be. She later sent me a message that I should have told her that it was my birthday and that we should celebrate at least a little bit.

I really didn't care to celebrate but I did go back. I stayed and talked to friends and then we talked about how the guy that had just left was an attention hound and all his other quirks.

"Yeah, and sometimes he will refer to me and Woody as his children. He'll say: See you later my children, and that bothers me because I'm old enough to be his father."

"Bob, you aren't that old."

"Bob was very potent as a child." I said which caused the bartender to laugh and then say: I knew you were drunk.

Because drunk Timmy is funnier than sober Timmy.


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