Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flip the coin, dude

You may not know this about me but I’m needy. I don’t need a lot but I do need a little from time to time. I need to know that I’m on track.

It was a little frustrating to me that she hadn’t called to tell me her opinion on the finished portfolio. She had left the design of it up to me and I had strayed a little from my normal business conservative style. She also hadn’t told me in what order she had wanted the components and I had chosen an order that made for a better looking document over a very smooth intuitive flow of information.

And plus I was up past midnight making her two copies of the damn thing.

So I started that post above, the one entitled “Dogs get cancer too.” It was going to be a long trip to get to end which would be: Boo Hoo to me. But as I was typing away, my heart wasn’t in it; it seemed too petty to finish so I wrote a bunch of gibberish because I felt that my readers were do some words. I posted that gibberish and then started fixing my typos and some of my poor use of the English language when my cell phone rang.

It was the owner of the real estate company. She said that she was meaning to call me all day and that she wanted to thank me for the portfolio and that she thought that the guy she gave it to was impressed that it was done just overnight.

She maybe said five sentences in total and in those five sentences she must have thanked me four times.

I thought: “Impressed that it was done just overnight? Most people can’t produce a product like that over six days.”

Or maybe I thought, “It’s about time you called, bitch.”

I find it odd that there are words that I have no trouble typing out but those words rarely pass my lips; words like bitch.

Or maybe I thought, “Gee, I’m glad I didn’t bitch about not getting called.”

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