Saturday, April 04, 2009

What happens in Florida stays in Florida or at least off of this blog

My favorite bartender told me a story about her trip to Florida and I want to retell it but somehow that seems like being unfaithful to her trust. I would have no trouble relaying the story face to face with someone but to transcribe it and post it seems over some sort of line.

I don't know why it matters. The story has no personal details.

When the waitress was the bartender last week because the bartender was in Florida, she told me that the only ones that don't stare at her boobs were Bob and me. Bob was sitting next to me. I said "Oh, we stare it's just that we're better at it."

I don't think I have actually stared but sometimes I am surprised when I re-notice the size of her. She's not huge but she's definitely above the curve.

I still don't understand why guys find it okay to be rude to bar staff. Maybe, growing up with four sisters and no brothers gave me a different perspective.

And, it bothers me when my supervisor says sexually suggestive or sexually overt things about women younger than his daughters. Doesn't he see a difference? I suppose crude is crude no matter what her age, but there is a difference between crude and creepy crude. And dude, aren't you married?

He likes to say that there is no way to evacuate the city in case of an emergency and he is correct. He says that in an emergency he isn't going to die on the highway but go to the bar and grab the first lady member of the bar staff.

The last time I heard him say it, a mutual friend asked, "First off, what makes you think that they are still going to be there and second, what makes you think they are going to have anything to do with you?"

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