Thursday, April 02, 2009

I’m a commoner

I’ve been busy and tired and the two are unrelated. Hence, I haven’t been dribbling my ramblings.


He gotten angrier and I think his problem is that he thinks the world is fair; but he forgets the times when the world was unfair but in his favor. He sees someone with a better deal with him so he discounts his own still pretty sweet deal.

I try to point these things out to him in a subtle way. I agree that the situation is unfair. I agree that the other guy has a better deal than he should have and then I point out that his own deal still isn’t all that bad, and then he turns and walks away.

Whatever, dude. You’ve got a better deal than me, so it’s hard for me to be overly sympathetic.

Common people do common things – I like the way that reads.


I’m a commoner even when I do something uncommon.

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