Saturday, April 11, 2009

I was surprised she spent the time to texted a capital 'e' in Easter

So, I work two jobs and one job is real estate and if you just awoke from a coma, now is not the time to be in real estate.

I forgot the point of this story.

I think it might have something to do with the five pints on mixed vodka drinks followed by a pint of the sourest Margarita that I have ever had.

So, yesterday, which for you heathens is a holy day called Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday, I baked some bread.

Holy Thursday is the day that Jesus Christ was betrayed which lead to him being crucified the following day, on Good Friday. Prior to Jesus being betrayed he shared his ‘last supper’ with his disciples, part of that last supper was the breaking of bread and the sharing of wine which later became holy communion.

So the point of all of this is that bread was an important part of the last supper and as some of you may know, I bake bread and as all of you don’t know, my pastor knows I bake bread. So, for this past Holy Thursday, I was asked to bake bread.

He asked for six loaves which I didn’t think would be enough so I baked fourteen loaves and then twelve pita breads. Baking that much takes a lot of time so I had taken the day off from my day job and seeing how I was taking the day off I figured that I might as well take Good Friday off as well.

On Thursday night, I got a call that something needed to be done for the real estate company. We advertise on Craig’s List and we have a template that I devised. I was asked to change the template so it could serve another function. I think I might have thought “What the fuck?” because the template I remembered was a pain in my ass. But anyway, whining about shit doesn’t get it done, so I copied all the old files into a new subfolder and opened up the template.

“Oh,” was my response to what I saw; I had forgotten I had updated the template into a flexible joy of html code. The prior me, impressed the present me. Sometimes I forget how good I am.

So after I changed the template to what was wanted, I planned to head into town to deposit some checks and I figured, since I was in town, that I would drop by the bar.

I walked in the bar and sitting at a table were some co-workers from another department. These are co-worker that I like which presented a dilemma: do I sit at the bar and visit the bartender like I had planned or do I ignore the bartender and sit with my friends at the table.

The decision I made wasn’t an easy one and it still doesn’t sit well with me but I still believe it was the correct decision. I sat at the table with my friends. What complicated things further was that they were ordering from the bar, so we were hogging one of the waitress’s tables and she wasn’t going to get a tip.

Anyway, on my second trip to the bar to get a round, the bartender called me a traitor. I’m pretty certain that it was at least a half joke. But some women don’t like sitting at bars and I was sitting with such a women. I don’t think differently about a woman who sits at a bar as opposed to one that sits at a table but I guess sometimes other people do and even though I don’t get it, I understand it.

After a couple, it was just Erin and me. We had closed out the tab at the bar and started one with the waitress. Erin is probably around twenty four three years old and she’s having a hard time with office politics so I listened and told her what I could.

During a lull, she noticed me look at the clock behind me. It was 3:58pm. She asked if I had to catch a train or something. I told her I was just checking to see if that one of the dinner crew was on time or not. I then explained that there are a few guys that come in right at four for the free buffet; they will have a couple beers and a couple plates of food and then leave. She then asked who these people were and I pointed then out.

“This is why I love you, Timmy.”

She left after a couple more and then I was free to go to the bar where I was chastised by both the bartender and the waitress for spending time with my new friends. I just shrugged it off because I was still getting my drinks served in a pint glass.

While I was at the table, the waitress said that I should try to get the bartender to go with her for drinks after work. Normally, they do go out but the waitress explained that the bartender was resisting it. I saw an opportunity, I said that the waitress and the bartender should let make it up to them by buying drinks after work and right on cue the waitress said that my idea was a good one and that the bartender shouldn’t refuse. But she did.

I just let it go, I figured that I fulfilled my obligation to the waitress with a valiant effort and it was obvious that the bartender had no plans on drinking later that night. The bartender then confided in me that she was going to be dyeing Easter Eggs with her nieces.

I told her the nieces are important and asked how fancy she would get with the eggs. She said that she had bought some hats for the eggs. I wondered what kind of hats but didn’t ask.

I snuck out and walked up to Godiva and got two milk chocolate bunnies and three boxes of chocolates. I had the cashier place my order into three separate bags.

When I returned I set the bags behind the bar and told the waitress that one was for her, that the bag with the bunnies and a box of chocolates was for the bartender and that the bigger box of chocolates was for the rest of the bar staff.

I was home when I got a text from the bartender that said, “Ur the best…thank u for the Easter gift!”

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