Thursday, January 14, 2010

from the flash drive

It was Friday last afternoon; he was sitting at the bar when I walked in. I had just left a panicky office, there was some concern over some sign that were put up in some place. Nobody had any details and when folks usually don’t have details, it’s because of some knee jerk reaction. If someone is of a great concern, they give you details. They don’t called and say "Get those signs down from Main Street." They don’t say that because Main Street is a big street and Main Street has lots of different signs.

I had my coat on and was walking out the door when I heard of the problem; signs on Main Street even if they are the wrongs signs are nothing to get all riled up about and I felt any problem could be addressed on Monday.

I sat next to him as he put his phone back into in pocket. He had just heard about the signs and he told his boss that he would go to the location, stand on his car and take the signs down if he could.

I asked him: what type of signs were they and where on Main Street the signs were. He couldn’t answer the questions and I told him that there is never a time that he should be standing on his car.

He could be eight months from retirement and if he falls from his car doing something that he shouldn’t be doing, after he consumed a couple beers, then he could cause great difficulties for himself.

He went anyway.

On Monday morning he called me to let me inform the office that he stated workday from in the field. He couldn’t find the signs he was looking for on Friday, so he started Monday morning out by trying to find the signs again.

I wanted to ask him, "So you risked your pension for nothing then?" but I kept the question to myself.

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