Sunday, January 10, 2010

My mouse is acting up

My mouse is acting up.

I had a dream last night and this guy was trying to get ride of these vermin. They lived in his yard but they would get into his house. They looked like and were about the size of groundhogs only their mouths looked more like that of a rat, and this guy was laying on his belly reaching into a hole in the yard while some of these critters were running about and hanging around and watching him and they didn't seem to happy about it.

I was wondering why he wasn't getting bitten when right then he got bit, but instead of worrying about just being infected with rabies or being further attached by even more creatures, he just got a little pissed off; he never pulled his hand out entirely from the hole, he just sort of flinched a bit.

I thought he was taking too much of a risk and I thought about my own problem with things living in my house and that how I know they are larger than the average house mouse but smaller than an average rat and I thought that at least I didn't have it as bad as that guy.

(I do have things living in the house)

(and my computer mouse doesn't always do what I want but it's old and has a ball and it isn't optical, I probably have to clean the tracking wheels)


Anonymous said...
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Green Catfish said...

Most of my mice are optical just not on the machine I posted that from I should upgrade though because it seems to be getting worse

Anonymous said...
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