Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Hey, Tim, what's..."

I'll be sitting at my desk tending to my own business when someone will shout something at me. Usually, they will need to know something. Often I can give the answer right away. Other times I will need to think about it and other times still I will seek the answer out.

"Hey, Tim, what's that street off of Albany Street?"

There are lots of streets off of Albany Street but I'll have a clue as to which one he means but to be certain I'll ask a question.

"The one with the cobble stones?"

There is only one street off of Albany Street that has cobble stones.


"I don't know but it starts with a 'P'," I'll say as I start to get up to look at a map that is sitting on a desk in an empty cube across from mine.

"Oh, don't get up. I can look it up. I just thought you might know off the top of your head."

If you could look it up in the first place then why didn't you. I don't go around bothering folks if I can easily find out the answer myself.

I'll proceed to look at the map and say "Plympton Street."

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