Sunday, January 24, 2010

I think it's time to move on

I don't like the way I have to type while I'm using my laptop but that's a different story.

I think its time to move on but I've been thinking that for awhile. I think I'm done but I don't want to just end the relationship. We've been through a lot together, and it's not that things are bad, it's just that things aer never new.

I've been cutting down on our time together but there is still Fridays when I'll visit.

I had four or five beers when a co-worker called and asked me where I was, I told him and twenty minutes late he was sitting beside me. A half hour after that, I got another call and that person was soon standing beside me. So, I ended up staying longer than I planned.

I stayed past two shift changes and on the second one, I was asked to drop in on Sunday. She's one of my favorite bartenders so I did. After five beers, I ordered a scotch.

"I find that interesting."


"That you'll drink liquor after beer."

"I was never trained properly on drinking. I sort  of just taught myself."

Earlier in the day she handed me her phone so that I could she the comforter that she was ordering from Amazon. When I was leaving I told her that I was going to tell everyone that I had seen her bed linens.

This post really has no end. It just sort of stops.

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