Thursday, January 14, 2010

the whole hole or there's a hole in my whole

in 2004 I made 597 posts
in 2005 I made 630 posts
in 2006 I made 572 posts
in 2007 I made 429 posts
in 2008 I made 174 posts
in 2009 I made 159 posts

It seemed a little bit telling when I saw the totals in the sidebar but I don't know what that telling is.

It seems something happened at the end of 2007. Maybe I should read those posts and see if I could find something out.

I think that's when I got poor. I think that's when my spirit broke. I think that is when I gave up hope. I think that is when I gave despair a place setting at the dinner table.


We were discussing union issues and I basically said that I wouldn't bring his suggestion to the bargaining table. He said, "I thought you were supposed to be representing me?" I said, "As, at least vice president, I represent the union as a whole." And then my friend said, "Yeah, he represents the union as a whole. He doesn't represent individual holes."

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