Friday, April 30, 2010


The first warning I took as a sort of “heads-up” type of thing, particularly because that's how the statement was prefaced.

The second warning I took as a “be mindful” type of thing.

The third warning was, “He pulled a knife on a guy.”

I’m just talking to her, that’s it. I talked to her while she was just some barista at Starbucks; it would be rude if I didn’t talk to her when she’s sitting next to me at a bar.

The thing of it is: the thought of getting a knife pulled on me doesn’t frighten me.

So, now I have to weigh talking to an acquaintance and the slight risk of getting stabbed.

I could probably get the guy thrown out of the bar if he did threaten me because bar owners do not like that type of thing because the Licensing Board does not like that type of thing.

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