Monday, April 19, 2010

I was drinking Newcastle, draft.

There was some changes at my usual bar, so I dropped by the bar she was at. Woody was there so I sat next to him and he explained all of the reasons on why he was no longer a regular at the other place and then Tony, another regular from the other bar, came in.

We all talked for awhile and then the bartender hand wrote a note and asked me to give it to the bartender at my regular place. I left, did some things and then went to my regular bar and delivered the note. That bartender in return gave me a hand written note to deliver as well.

When I went to deliver the note both Woody and Tony had left but Bob was there.


"Hey, Bob. Good to see ya."

"And it's good to see you. Woody said you were here. He said, "You'll never guess who was here, the famous Tim"."

As opposed to the other guy that is named Tim that nobody really likes mostly because he's a bit of a creep.

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