Wednesday, April 14, 2010

She called me "Blue Eyes"

I try to make myself available to listen on occasion.

I think that I'm a pretty good listener.

Two bartenders had left at the end of the prior week so I went in on Monday. I'm not usually there on Mondays and one of the surviving bartenders pointed that out to me.

Only one bartender left on her own accord.

While I was there, a regular from days gone by came in. He was followed by a dude and a girl. He's a bit cocky and he speaks in a soft voice. He's a know it all but I don't mind him much. His name is Matt.

The girl that walked in with him said her name was Tracy when the bartender asked. The bartender only asked after Tracy inquired about the bartender's name. I never caught the other dude's name.

The story was that they all just got fired so they were celebrating "National Unemployment Day." They actually didn't all get fired that day, just one of them did. Tracy was fired two days prior and Matt was about to quit.

At first it was just the four of us and then two tourists walked in. They were retired from some job that I missed hearing, and then an unpopular regular walked in, who was also without a job. Tracy then pointed out that everyone sitting at the bar was jobless. The waitress corrected her and said, "Timmy has a job," I corrected her and said that I actually had two.

Tracy looked down the bar to find me. I was waiting for a question but what she said was, "You have pretty eyes." I bowed my head slightly as I turned up the palm of my left hand and said, "Thank you."

I haven't done anything to get my blue eyes but I have tried to keep sharp objects and corrosive chemicals out of them so I do accept credit for having them.

I mostly just listened but occasionally I would contribute to the conversation and whenever Tracy would refer to me she would call me "Blue Eyes."

After sharing three shots of Patron and a few beers with Matt and his friends, they decided to continue celebrating elsewhere. They left after Tracy returned from the Ladies Room; as she was walking by my stool she put her left hand on my right shoulder and said, "See you later, Blue Eyes."

I don't actually think that I will every see her again.


angelina said...

applause. a little slice of life, and it made me happy to read.

2 jobs. that's worth its own round of applause. heh.

Green Catfish said...

I am honored by your comment