Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I deliver

So, I sent her an email that stated that I was going to try act like less of an angry prick to her. I also mentioned that we would probably eventually need to talk about things.

Thinking things over, I came to the realization that possibly I ended up doing some menial tasks because she could trust me to keep things under wraps, and even though I felt that she could have assigned the less critical things to someone else, I couldn’t fault her for trusting me.

We have some things that need to be worked out but I’ve decided not to get angry about them.

We were having a guest over for Easter dinner so baking bread was on my agenda. I figured that I would bake a couple extra loaves to let her know that I wasn’t angry at her personally just at the way she was having me do things. I know she usually has folks over on Easter and having homemade freshly baked bread is something special.

I had sent the email on Friday and still by Sunday, I had no reply; that worried me a little but then I asked myself how would someone reply to the message I had sent. I know that I would have trouble, so I let it go.

I planned on delivering the first two loaves from the oven as soon as I could; which turned out to be 4:00PM. I called her house and after a few rings the message went to voice mail; that worried me a little.

I finished a couple other things and then drove over to her house. I needed to check something in her neighborhood anyway. She wasn’t at home, so I drove by her mother’s house which was a block away. Her car wasn’t there, so I drove to her aunt’s house which was three blocks away. Her car was there. I called her cell phone and it went to voice mail; that worried me a bit.

I worry about a lot of things that have to do with interpersonal relationship. I worry that I’m going to screw things up.

So, I was double parked outside her aunt’s house with two loaves of bread and she wasn’t taking my calls. I figured that I did all that I could do and that I should just drive home with my bread. But I had plenty of bread at home. I had just baked two loaves of ciabatta for myself, three baguettes and also eight little loaves of French bread that I was going to use for bruschetta.

I then figured that I would just knock on her aunt’s door and hand the bread over. I know her aunt and I know a lot of her family. I looked in the rear view and noticed someone had just opened a first floor window. There were people I knew sitting around a large table.

I walked over to the window and passed the loaves through. I said, “I have something for you.” The cousin of the person I was looking for started talking to me. I explained that I baked the bread for her cousin. Then the aunt came to the window. I was invited in but I said that I had to be leaving soon because I was expecting a guest bake at my house.

Then the person I baked the bread for came over to the window. She squatted down so that we were more at eye level.

I could tell that I struck a pleasant chord; and we agreed to talk later.

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