Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I deliver

After a couple moments she was saying how much she was craving a meatball sub.

"I want a meatball sub! I gave up red meat for lent and now I want a meatball sub but nobody cares about me."

"I care about you just not enough to get you a meatball sub."


"Meatball subs are tricky, some are good and some are bad. Where would you get one if you could."

"Al's has good meatballs. I don't get cheese on it and about half way through I take the meatballs out and cut them into smaller pieces and eat them with a fork. I then tear the bread into little pieces and eat the pieces."

I think she stated her craving four more times while I was there for lunch. At one point, she added that maybe a cheeseburger would fill her craving.

I cashed out and left by way of Al's, which was a block away. I bought a small meatball sub for $5.50 and then walked back. I handed the waitress the sub and then told the bartender that I would have gotten her something as well but that I figured having the waitress shut up about meatball subs would be gift enough.

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