Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I don't rightly know

Yeah, I uploaded those roof pictures to my iPod Touch and showed them to a couple people. I was asked a couple times, "Where'd you learn how to do that?"

When I was first asked, I replied, "I've been around."

I don't remember where I learned it. Doesn't everyone know how to frame out a new roof deck and then install a finished roof?

Isn't that something that most kids pick up on the streets?


I found out where he was working on my first guess. The clues I had where: Downtown Crossing and "at the end of some street, or something."

I knew of only one place that fit the description so I went in. The entrance was two or three stairs above street level, which I liked because it keeps those pesky handicapped people out.

I stepped in and was just about on top of the two girls standing at the front, acting like hostesses. I was hoping to step in, look around and come up with a plan but with the two of them there, I just had to wing it.

I wasn't even certain if it was the right place or if he was even working a Friday night shift. I didn't have many options, so I just asked if my friend was working.

I was told that indeed he was working and that he was upstairs and possibly there was even room at the bar. I walked upstairs to a crowded room. It took him awhile to notice me but when he did he poured a shot of premium tequila for me.

I would have been right at home, if I were a phony, self absorbed, young, vapid profession.

I think I remember changing seats or places at least twice and I remember being served some sort of Miller beer a couple times. I remember joining in on the conversation some lady was having with my friend. I don't remember paying but there was enough of my money missing to indicate that I did. I remember thinking that I was functional when I had left, and I wouldn't leave the bar without settling the bill so I didn't worry about it. I know I took the subway home but I don't know which station I got on at.

I've known Dave for years and years. I met him at my regular place, he would often come in before his bartender shift would start at some high price place. I heard he was a rock star behind the bar. He was good friends with most of the bartenders at my regular place, so pretty much by default that made us friends.

Most everyone, works in different places since the glory days. I'm the only one that still gets a paycheck from the same employer. Dave reminds me that things were different and that for me: things aren't so bad.

Thanks, Dave.

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