Saturday, October 09, 2010

Show & Tell(ing) what I saw

She was printing a large scale plan on the large scale plotter and it ran out of paper with three inches of plan left to print.

There was some mild PG cursing.

The plotter sits adjacent to my cube which somehow makes me its caregiver.

Instead of asking me to replace the paper, she asked where the paper was located. The paper is located in an out of the way place, so I walked her to its location. I pulled out a roll and she took it from me, even though my plan was to carry it back to the printer myself.

She opened the box and pulled out the 36 inch x 150’ roll and then pulled the spindle, that holds the paper, from the printer. That’s when things weren’t as transparent as to what to do next.

I told her what the next steps were as I was performing them, at one point she squatted down to guide the paper onto the spindle which I had standing on its end.

She’s one of the only people that will try to learn how to do things instead of just asking someone else to do it.

Her head was at crotch level as she was looking down but instead of fantasizing about oral sex, I peaked as far down her low cut top as possible. What I was able to see looked smooth and supple but then I felt a little like a cad, and like I was betraying a certain amount of trust that she had in me so I looked away.


I'm not the lady's biggest fan. I think she sucks as a receptionist and I think that she is a phony but that doesn't stop me from helping her out in some of her small requests.

She asked for a table tent and told me what it was to say. "Oh, he's always saying that so I think that it would be nice to give him a sign."


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