Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh, you like to cook? No. I like to eat.

I always have to force myself to continue or at least it seems that way. If the deadline isn't sometime in the next hour, I'll put the thing off. I'll convince myself that I got a good start on it and that I'll finish it tomorrow.

Do it now!

Just do it now, please.

And usually the things that I think are going to take me a half a day takes about just an hour.


The nieces will be over for Halloween. They like dressing up in costumes but they aren't much for begging for candy but they like giving the candy out.

We're going to have some adults over too, so there are some things to do. I'll bake a few things.

I was called a showoff the other day. I was told the only reason I put such an effort into showing up for a poker game with some tasty treats is because I like to show off.

I was about to disagree when I realized that it was mostly true.

But I don't mean to showoff for myself but to show that cooking can be simple and easy and great tasting.

I'll be showing off a little on Halloween.

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