Monday, October 25, 2010

I know it's a 2 but it also kinda looks like a 7

This week his job is my job and my job is also my job.

Although my job is never his job.

I'm pretty sure that I could make a pretty good masochist.

Every time she says. "Oh Timmy, you're such a nice man," in front of people in the lobby, I want to tell her to go fuck herself.

I overheard him say that they must be screwing up his request on purpose just to make him look bad. I wanted to rise from my chair to shout over the wall of the cube but instead I just shook my head.

If they purposefully screw up, then they just have to do it over again and the ones that aren't too busy are too lazy to be doing things twice. They couldn't give a care less about the guy. He's the fuckup.

I've told him many times that he should write foolproof paperwork - like I do, if he wants his stuff done right. "No! They should know what I mean!" is his usual reply.

Dude, you get paid four times as much as those guys. You're lucky that they admit that they know how to read.

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