Tuesday, October 05, 2010

this post is for you

I was avoiding him until I couldn't wait any longer and I had to force the issue. Actually, that's not true, I didn't have to force the issue but I needed his input and him seeing me would force the issue.

He asked, "Are we okay?"

I thought "Fuck, yeah as long as you're okay with me," but what I said was, "Yeah."


He called me on Friday at about 7PM and he wasn't happy. Someone didn't get their thing approved before the deadline and parts of the event had to be modified. We weren't involved in any disapprovals because the paperwork got hung up prior to getting to us, so I wasn't too worried about it.

When he called I gave him a brief summary. He asked, "Yeah, but who's going to wear this."

I replied by naming two groups of people, the organizers and the folks that didn't approve the event. He was unconvinced and told me to keep my phone on.

About an hour later, he told me things should be all set but I could hear he wasn't happy but at least I think he was more unhappy with the situation than with me.


"You're incredibly smart and a hard worker, so I was surprised you didn't let me know."

"Yeah, I try not to bother you with everything but with this I should have at least sent you an email."


I'm not incredibly smart, I'm only surprisingly smart.


I'm usually left to myself, which is what I prefer but I do need some face time every once in awhile.

There is not one person who sees everything thing I do, there are only people who see parts and I often wonder if people know how busy I am. The only reason I want people to know how busy I am is because sometime things get delayed.

"No really. It's not that I suck at my job or that I think your request can wait, it's just that I have a lot of deadlines that are due now and your thing is only due at the end of the day."

I have a direct supervisor but he's got his own worries, although he does see the 'numbers' but the number 38 under some column doesn't always tell the story.

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